Funerals and Memorial Services at St. Timothy's

St. Timothy's conducts both funeral and memorial services, in the church and at local funeral homes.

For clarification, a 'funeral' is a service  where the body of the departed is present.  'Funeral' can refer to a traditional graveside burial service, or it can refer to a funeral service conducted at St. Timothy's - even if a cremation is carried out later.  

A 'memorial service' generally takes place sometime after the death and disposition have occurred. It is usually a service specifically to memorialize the life of the deceased. If cremation has been performed, often a memorial service is conducted before interring or scattering  the cremated remains.  The video to the right is an example of a memorial service with cremains present.

Process for arranging a funeral or memorial service

There is a lot of flexibility regarding service arrangements so the steps below are a helpful guide.  Please reach out to our Church Office with any questions.

(Optional) Step 1

Conversation with the Priest

If you are planning your own funeral, we advise that before any arrangements are made that you meet with the Priest to discuss your thoughts and wishes regarding end-of-life and your funeral.

Step 2

Contact a funeral director

Funeral arrangements are facilitated through a funeral director who will be your primary contact for making all arrangements.

Step 3

Meeting about the service itself

After making arrangements with a funeral director (and after the funeral director has been in contact with the church to set a date) the Officiant of the service will arrange a meeting to discuss the service itself and ofter grief support.

Step 4

The funeral/memorial service

Funeral and Memorial services may take place either in the church, at a crematorium/funeral home, or in our memorial garden (if cremated remains are being interred there).